I Hate Loving you

I love being in love
and i hate being in love with you
You hurt and crush
You somehow burn the love
Isn’t it hard being so passionately  cruel

I understand the boredom and
understand the airless life we have.
i feel a hole in my gut
and breath with a stone down my throat
The flame is no longer keeping us alive

I get it that candles die with no air
i truly see the dark
I try to change back you know
i try to be your spark

I suffocate a lot too you see
i just hide it with a smile
but u brunt the end of the thread
by hiding yours with a lie

My loneliness is eating up my sole
and we are turning against each other
i so hate to have my head underwater
but it’s the one place that my heart will not smother

I feel betrayed and ashamed to be so dumb
and not give credit to my eyes
to not admit the obvious
i see through all your lies

I see no reason to be nowhere else

I see no reason to be where i am

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