Her Cat

My Mother-in-Law’s 17 yearr old cat died today. I had close to no encounter with him. He was my husband’s family pet that hid underneath the bed all the time. Scratched my daughter once when she went with husband to visit and probably because my 3 year old provoked him by insisting to play. He died in their summerhouse when we were there.


My 5 year old daughter started asking about death and weather people get put underground as well and how do we go to a better place if we are buried underground. I had to try to explain to her tiny mind the difference between body and soul; that feelings and memories and mindfulness is somehow separate from the body.

It was one of the hardest issues I had to explain. Not just because it is about death, but because as an adult death scares me just by trying to comprehend it, so how can a 5 year old perceive the end of a life.

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