Should I care, when you’re ill?

You came home after some business meeting today and you looked pretty ill. If it were anyone else I would have been attentive, I would have sprung up and brought you food, a warm drink and cradled with love and a kiss.

But you aren’t anyone else.

You are the husband who blamed me when I got ill that I don’t pay attention to myself and had a weak immune system, so why should you pay attention to me. Who insulted me when I asked for attentiveness when I got ill and told me I was pampered and spoilt because I needed you. Who never came with me to a doctor’s appointment and got me two cups of tea, in 10 years.

You are the Husband who left me alone for days with a bad chest infection in a foreign country when we first got married to go out and mingle with friends and when I asked you to bring me food on your way home, you told me to go and get my own.

You are the Husband who called me weak while we were backpacking for two weeks through Europe because I felt tired, but the fact that I was 7 months pregnant and walked for 10km a day didn’t register. Who left me every single day when we had our first daughter to go out and refused that my mom would come for neither the delivery nor to help with the baby and when she did, u were the rudest more disrespectful host.

Who left me when I had bronchitis and sinus infection and pregnant taking care of our less than 2 year old daughter who was also with fever to go play golf for hours and days in a row. You are the Husband who when my water broke at 29 weeks for our second baby, and you were forced to leave a friendly golf match, came to the hospital two hours late and said “apparently there is nothing that wrong with you, why did I have to leave the match”.

Who just sat there in the hospital room, so bored and irritated and I tried to talk to you, you said there is nothing to talk about and stayed chatting on the phone, after which I learnt convincing my sister that mom shouldn’t come. Who fought with my mom who went to see our premature baby after my emergency C-Section and came and fought with me about it. Who said that millions of mothers give birth every year what makes you any different and sat there in the delivery room texting with who knows who.

IMG_4729 copy

Who when I felt a lump in my breast recently and my doctor told me I had to get a mammogram, you didn’t come or even ask how it went.

And the list goes on all through a 10-year marriage.

So why should I care when u catch a cold? But I couldn’t resist I still had to ask you if you needed anything!

Your still Wife


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