I know what i would be so bluntly told. GET OUT, just GET OUT. Get out of this toxic environment, because nothing will ever change. Because he has never added anything to your life, but in fact he has made you feel more worthless than you already feel. That you he will never view you as someone worth appreciating, but in fact he will always square your down that you will never become someone worth appreciating.

GET OUT before it is too late and you are too old, and by then you really will not be able to stand up on your own two feet without support.

GET OUT because you will matter more without him. He will never regret you, specially that you have so easily opened your heart and soul and weaknesses wide open for a person who forthrightly and effortlessly took advantage of your fragility.

GET OUT and own your life and you will accomplish more than you are now, because no matter what you do it is better than the nothingness you are in.

SNAP OUT of your emotional and physiological Stockholm Holm Syndrome, because in reality it is all in your head and take a grip of your soul. You will never let go of your soul, because if anything, you would not have had this conversation with yourself the first place.

GET OUT and stop being like a butterfly, that only flies in it’s small circumference thinking that it’s the whole world.


RUN and close the door and don’t look back, because you thinking what he thinks about you wont make him change his thoughts. STOP waiting for his approval, you will never get it.

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