Is it only in my head

The other day we were taking our daughter for her first day to KG, he didn’t have to come. He never did with our 5 yr old. But sure that should be a nice thing.

Husband: When are we gonna go down?

Me: We go down 7:45.

Husband: Why not earlier?

Me: Because we need to be there 8:30 and the road takes 25 min, so i am giving it an extra 15min just incase of a any delays on the road or something goes wrong. I think a 15 min contingency is fine.

Husband: I think we should go down earlier like around 7:40.

Me: I don’t see why, but sure.

Husband: Ok, i’ll go get ready

Our two yr old and i go in to get ready as well. I help her wash up, brush her teeth, we both get dressed, get her lunch box done, prepare her breakfast, take her vitamins and we’re done by 7:40 and we wait.

He gets out of the shower at 8, by the time we call the uber and are in the car it’s 8:05.

Me: We’re late

Husband: Didn’t i tell u, u should listen to me when it comes to timings?

Me: you r the one who is 25 min late

Husband: I am just saying listen to me, i know what i am talking about

Me: But u r the who is late.

Husband: Why r u so argumentative and have to talk back, just listen to what i have to say and that is it.

Me: I am not, u r driving me crazy.

Husband: You always have something to say. Stop it, just listen and that is it.

And silence…

But is doesn’t stop there, does it. I start going through what happened in my head a hundred time. Since i am now silenced, i have nothing to do but that. Did i mis something? Did he mean something else? Is he really changing my reality?

3 thoughts on “Is it only in my head

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  1. Do not blame yourself. You did nothing wrong. They want to silence you to be in control of you. For me, it is better to be silent than to open my mouth. Whenever I disagree with my husband he will twist it around and make himself feel right. I am praying for you! It is so hard to stay strong when you want to curl up and cry. My heart goes out to you….

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