My first sign of being abusable

I was sexually assaulted… … …

I was 9 or 10 years old and he was first year of Med School, (that’s equivalent to premed, but he was only 17 at the time). We were at the pool at the Club, and I was this shy girl, putting up a poker face of I’m not naïve or I’m not stupid like these other kids. I have developed rather early and wanted to act it.

He said, let’s go down underwater and hold our breath. That sounded like fun I thought, I tried to show off that I could hold my breath really long. Suddenly I found his lips on mine, and him blowing air in my mouth that forced it open and he slipped his tongue inside. I didn’t know what that was, or meant to be. I opened my eyes and slowly swam up. I tried to act that that was completely normal.. I’m cool.. I’m mature… Then I swam like a pro underwater to the furthest pool-ladder I could find, again showing off something. I sat on the bottom of the pool-ladder, with more than half my body underwater and there he came again right there after me, he told me, can I show you something I learnt in med school. I was interested in biology then, I was like sure. And oh waaaw, this older guy considers me a friend. Then, he went down underwater and slipped the bottom of my one-piece swim suit to the side and touched me, he rubbed against this very sensitive part of my privates, .. haaa I thought! Then I just looked up as if nothing was happening, nothing, I’m cool… he went on to explain, what it is and what it does and .. shitload of stuff I cared not about. I froze, like a marble statue, I was confused, I felt like maybe I want to run, but couldn’t really move .. but nothing, with my poker face on, I acted as if it was all medical information.

Around what felt like a lifetime later, I swam away and out. I put my clothes on, right in top of the very wet swimsuit and went out of the pool area. Nothing happened after that, we went on to become friends or acquaintances or something for a while. Later on in life we bumped into each other a lot. He gave my boyfriend and I salsa lessons. He went on and finished med school and then left that to become a famous TV star in some political with his own comic TV show. I still hear praises about him every now and then and sometimes comment … ohh yes, I know this guy very well…

That/he was the first, but unfortunately not the last…

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  1. I’m sorry this happened to you. I started to write on my blog bit by bit the stories of when I was molested. It has helped me alot seeing many message me and comment about their experiences and understanding that not only they understand my pain but how I reacted and feel today is very normal. The first time I was molested was actually in a pool too.

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    1. Thank u so much for making it feel ok, and sharing this. I’m sorry this happened to u as well.. i actually never thought to call molestation ever.. but here i am. 🙏


      1. Unfortunately many times those who are molested feel it’s ‘ not so bad’ because of the horrific other stories out there but the reality is wrong is wrong and no matter how bad it is …its still wrong. If it happened to an adult or child it’s disgustingly wrong either way. Unfortunately when it happens to children we don’t tend to speak out until older so then it’s like…well what’s next?

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