I understand!

Our lives have intertwined in ways that cannot be unbinded; we’ve seen the love, the hate and the stagnation in between. Most of the time we try to forget what was said and the details of what was done, but Maya Angelou once said, people will never forget how you made them feel. And this is how I believe I have made you feel: that I don’t understand your journey of your life and the on going state of development you want to be in… that I have captured you in a storm of dullness and melancholy… that I have failed to appreciate u and where your story began… that I don’t see the light of your ways and vision of life and eternity… that I want to feel emancipated from you… that when u calm down a fight, I believe I am right and my ego will rise… that I will stab you in the back if you open up… that you are dealing with a deranged lost soul who drives to temporary insanity… that I am yet unsatisfiable and living in misery although I live where my life should be complete.

As these are not intended to be words of defense, I will not do so. I will not do the opposite either. I am acknowledging that I understand!

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