My Dream of You

I have lusted for you … for us and the pleasure of desire became so powerful … that even my subconscious couldn’t resist…

I fucked you in my dream last night… right there in the car where we were… It wasn’t like a scene from a movie… it was real and passionate and sloppy… we laughed and moaned and kissed…

I cant remember how it started or how we came to be where we were.. but extremely naturally I moved over to your driver’s seat and gazed into your eyes… You kissed me so gracefully it felt like we’ve done this for years… the kiss lasted for what seamed like a life time…

I felt you reaching up and tenderly unfastening the back of my bra, lovingly pulling the straps off my shoulders and sliding it out from between them. The feeling of the fabric moving across my nipples took my breath away.

You leaned over and kissed me behind my ear… as if you had always known that it is the window to my soul and passion.

Slowly you moved your mouth down over my shoulder and over my breasts gently caressing, licking, kissing, and softly sucking on them as I kissed your neck. Waves of pleasure were washing over my body as you continued… Passion mounted, a tension began to build inside of me.

We tried to undress but the gracefulness of the moment fell apart and we started laughing as I fell back to my passenger seat still trying to take off my jeans … and suddenly time stopped … my head fell resting on the passenger door behind me … you looked into my eyes as you slipped off my bottoms…

With our eyes still locking you pressed your hot tongue and lips between my legs as I gave in to the tenderness… moaning as I surrendered totally. It started so peaceful, soothing, and relaxing, but that didn’t last… It gradually built up… driving my body in an explosion of emotions, physical sensation, and desires. You amazingly took me right to the edge, without pushing me over. The excitement and exhilaration were beyond description, hovering there, ready to burst, but not being allowed. If it weren’t a dream I would have cum a million times.

You then let me slide off your lips as you moved up and softly and passionately kissed me. You firmly and steadily pulled me over back to sitting on top as you charmingly massaged my lower back with your hands. The passion was building up like a tide wave heading back to the shore. I leaned in to kiss you, running my tongue in your mouth. I don’t know how you were right there inside of me… and..

I woke up… soaking wet and my heart rate was as if I’ve been running for my life… and for a minute there, the dream felt like reality and reality was non-existent…

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