Euphoria of love

You might get exited over a discussion together and you might also have a lot in common, enjoy each other’s company and connect on a mental level. Eat the same food or read the same books. You might even share each other’s values and spiritual beliefs. Share mutual respect and good communication…

But is that enough to be called love, enough to spark a flame of passion in a relationship? Would all that make you lose control of yourself and fall in love?

These are indeed all signs to a deep friendship, but if it does not touch you on a profound level of emotions and get you to dream about that person night in and night out and long to be in their arms, it could simply be a good companionship. Even physically the sex might be good or even great sometimes, but that too might only lead to a sex partner, not a lover.

That chemistry and euphoria of being in love is what everyone should be looking for and deserves in their lives.

So here’s my prayer to the world for everyone to feel the euphoria and passion of love.

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