Why is he not leaving?

It’s been 10 days since he packed and returned most of our/his belongings back into storage in preparation for the leave. We agreed that the kids and I would stay here (my mother’s extra apartment we’ve been living in for almost a year a half) and he would leave as per my request for a separation. But he is still here…

I am still very cautious to ask him when is he leaving and where is he going to stay in order not to stir up another session of anger and blaming and guilt tripping..

In any small argument or whenever he finds something to criticise about me … I try to bring it up carefully, and he then affirms that he is leaving.. but then nothing…

I am thinking maybe because he doesn’t want to move out, or he really wants this marriage to work, or doesn’t have a plan on where to go, or wanted me to do the effort of finding a place and that’s why he wanted us to move out together.. but these are all speculations in my head..

I am genuinely trying my best to act very calmly about it and going about my days as if he is not here, which is very hard… I still have to close every open cupboard door and drawer he leaves open behind him and i still have to pickup the clutter he leaves around wherever he sit and his clothes that are lying there … and he still awaits dinner …

His friends tell me it’s because he loves me… well that’s a wonder!

IMG_1264 copy

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