My Secret Meditation Technique..


I have been trying to meditate for years… My thoughts always took over and I could barely breath till 3 before my active brain rushed with all the random and not so random thoughts… I tried the mantra meditation, it lasts a tad longer, but then it becomes repetitive that my thoughts sneak up on me… I tried guided meditation, I wonder off from the words or imagine too much detail that I don’t keep up… and yoga for me is more of a physical practice, its breathing helps, but not very well!

But I found a way to disable my very so active mind… and here’s what I do!! What I secretly do…


I have always been very self conscious to dance in public and ever since I got married,, he would give me this look as if I’m going to seduce the whole male species all at once.. He would make fun of my dancing or… a judgmental attitude that managed to turn me off …

But… I decided to give it a try… and it was freedom! It helped my brain stop… just stop obsessing or being haunted by unwanted reflections and contemplations so it can relax… deactivate with a rhythm faster than my thoughts… I just vanish with my body into the music and the words … ironically I didn’t enjoy loud music that much, but this brought a rush I cannot explain…

I find an empty room in the house, or if I were out, any bathroom stall would do… I plug my headphones in… turn the music to the loudest volume there is and I dance… I get to be sexy and silly and fun all at once… It took me while of course to let go of my own boundaries and judgmental self and if I think about it for a min, I must look crazy or ridiculous, but I don’t! I found a piece of me I forgot about… my free space and safe zone…

It can be for an hour if my brain needs it… or sometimes even 5 min would help…

But now I meditate through dancing…in secret…

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