So what is it? An Affair-ish?

“Had we followed through with the plan.. it would have turned into an affair”.. that’s probably true!

It got me thinking of what is an affair? Where is the line drawn? When should one start to feel guilty? With SEX!?

According to Wikipedia “An affair is a sexual relationship, romantic friendship, or passionate attachment between two people without the attached person’s significant other knowing.”

Can it also be lustful friendship? Or an intimate acquaintanceship? Does it have to be based on romantic love or the actual act of sex be called an affair?

Isn’t that what i’m doing? What he is doing? What are we doing?

Here’s what I know..

The friendship is there but not all secret and not all unconcealed .. we share visions and thoughts and exchange views.. we sit in public but chat in hiding.. we try to help each other in our personal lives.. we share weaknesses and don’t judge… we’re honest regardless how perceived.

But.. although not acted upon… we are also lustful in our thoughts…

So what is this?! Probably a friendship that no one would understand…

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