I Crave Him

You know that feeling when you crave something so bad that you can smell it or taste or feel its texture between you fingertips…

I’m craving for him

I crave a touch I have only dreamt about but never experienced…
I crave him in me, around me and all over me…

I crave a bond deep beneath the surface…
a connection of passion and rapture setting the soul free

I crave listening to him, his dreams and yearnings
his desires and fears …
why and how he came to be

I crave to show him my essence and vulnerabilities
My naked soul… for him to see

I crave the safety and calmness
The hunger and the silent lusting tension
I’m craving that kiss that melts time and reality

I crave synchrony of our pulses
and feeling his heartbeat against my lips…
dancing in tenderness and dissolving in pleasurable intimacy

I crave it all with and without …
the ifs and the guilt and its morality

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