Taking the Decision

In Paulo Coelho’s book, Adultery; a book about a women who has this supposedly perfect life, but apathetic about it, and starts an affair she says: “Today I am a woman torn between the terror that everything might change and the equal terror that everything might carry on exactly the same for the rest of my days.” Regardless of the plot of the story, because I cannot really relate to her marriage, but this sentence hit a spot.

It is damn scary … being in this limbo and having to be the one taking the decision, which by the looks of it, is only one-sided!! He obviously wants to stay, yet be controlling and abusive and demeaning in every sense of the word and I should be ok with that, when all I want is to be able to breathe! But still I’d have to start from scratch, break up a family, and have my daughters not living with their father… It is terrifying!


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