The Girl in Rags

This barley 6 year old girl in rags is playing with a puppy and a stick… she then crosses the street and just sits there, gazing upon the one lane unpaved dirt road.

What is her tiny mind thinking of, what is she aspiring to, why does she look so worried?

Is she thinking of what’s there for dinner tonight or is she waiting for the girls next door to come out and play with her, after they broke her heart yesterday and told her she’s not their friend anymore. Is she trying to call for the puppy that seems busy chasing a fly around his tail or weather her father is going to lay his hand on her mom when he comes home high and drunk.

I saw her getting smaller and smaller as the car moved away… but yet I cannot stop thinking of … Is she simply absorbing life in its raw form, like the simple life she’s living, between the farms and the animals and nature, or does she get preoccupied by the little things… Those little things that eventually shape our future and make us who we are? Is she living a happy life… not concerned about what is to come and the days for her are simply counted by how many nights she has to go to sleep? Does she know, that every single encounter in her life whether small or traumatizing is going to affect and mold her personality years from today! Does she she know that this is the time of her life that she must learn to love herself and gain her self-worth, or else the landscape of her whole future will be damaged?

I could barely see her now… she probably moved about her day as we moved away…

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