Two-Day Yoga Retreat

I packed my bags and left… didn’t listen to his insults nor his commands of not to go. I needed this for me. I needed to breath; inhale life without the burdens or anxieties. I needed to switch off from the ugliness and cleanse my mind to be able to survive the next phase of myself…

I for once did it for myself… did not care of how it would be perceived or what the consequences were… I just set my intentions and left.

I took two days off for myself after years of giving in to the routine and the responsibilities and restrainment. I had to take control of my being and let go of control of anything and everyone else… I had to let go of the guilt and the heavy weight on my shoulder.

It was time to start the process of accepting my weaknesses and who I am, with all the imperfections and fears…

And for a moment there I shut off…

It was a detox yoga retreat for two nights, I slept practiced and tried to connect. I realised a few things about myself or maybe affirmed what I had already known: I have a lot of self hate going on, I am not a people person, i am suffocating in my marriage, I need to let go of my conditioning in order to be able to feel alive and start identifying what I like or dislike according to myself not to others.

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