Will you understand when I ask you to leave?

How will it be when I tell you to leave?
Are going to be raging and angry and violent?
Will you accuse and shame me for breaking us apart?
Or will you understand?

I picture your good byes and the blame in your eyes
I imagine your pain and that i’d be breaking your heart
.. as if you’ve been trying to make it work?!

Will you understand that I have no more to give?
Will you appreciate the years..
and recognise the pain I am living with?
Will you believe me if I tell you .. I really have tried to forgive?

Been trying to find the courage to say it again
To tell you I need my space, my time to breath
and maybe we will be able to see clearer then

I know I might break and shatter and flounder
for I haven’t been alone
however I might not… I might grow stronger
I’ll never know until u’re gone

Please don’t hurt me then and call me weak
for this has been the hardest time for me to speak
To tell you I don’t want you and I don’t feel you
but yet I don’t want your pride to ache

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