What does it mean…? Asking for a separation

What does it mean when u ask your spouse for a separation and he calls you spoilt and childish!

What does it mean when you tell your parter you don’t love him anymore he doesn’t take you seriously?

I told him in the presence of one of his best friends that I do not want to live with him anymore and that I feel breathless in his presence! That he has forcefully and violently sucked all the love for him out of me.

I told him that I am done blaming him and I am done trying to figure out what and how it went wrong and that I am done trying to change and be whatever he thinks I should be for him. That I had come to terms with my faults and that my imperfections are part of who I am.

I told him I cannot even start to think of myself and who and what I want to develop into with him in my life.

I told him it is insane to try the same trials over and over again of fixing it while living in the same environment; that is staying together and expecting things to change!

I told him maybe we’ll know each other’s worth when we’re apart.. maybe I will miss him and love him again and want him in my life again!

I told him I don’t want to be with him just because I am financially restrained right now, and that he can either provide for the kids with enough security so I can raise them or that he can take them and provide for them as he pleases!

He said I am childish and irresponsible, and that he loves me and doesn’t need space or waste of resources to find out!! That he has changed and that his life is too stressful right now to try out different ideas!

Ever since he, ironically, is trying to act differently .. but it’s too late… I’m done!

I will try again! But seriously!!!

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