Uncomfortably Frozen

Seeing the wife was the strangest encounter ever.. I kept telling myself nothing happened and probably nothing will ever happen, so to convince myself that nothing should be or feel so awkward!

But it still was.. I wasn’t myself and probably was this obnoxious person, that she had no idea why is talking or sitting next to her husband. And now … I now have a face and a voice and an eye contact to the name. It made his real life more real!

I froze and I just kept freezing.

We both had our daughter’s there for classes, mine went to a dance class and his to an art class, I ironically was going to send my other one to the same art class! Standing there watching the kids draw, I kept convincing myself how useless the class is, when I know she would have loved it and definable needs it! Anyways, we both were there waiting for our little ones to finish! 

But it wasn’t just awkward when I saw her, it was awkward seeing him as well! It wasn’t as comfortable as it used to be… it’s been a while and catching up was just like reading headlines of the news! Lots to catch up to, but less and less details and expressions involved.

All what I kept thinking was… I really need to get out of here, but it might look intentional. The uncomfortable-ness made me stop thinking straight and I kept doing these irrational things and probably saying irrational sentences, when I genuinely despise small talk and I find it absolutely useless! But the more I wanted to stop, the more words came out without control!

As I left, I could smoothly breath again until I realised what happened and what a terrible impression I must have given! He seemed uncomfortable as well, but we didn’t even talk about that! My day just went on and the disconnection continues. I probably have underestimated the weight of this friendship for me!

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