True Facts About Myself

There are certain certainties in my life that I have recently become very confortable with and comfortable admitting no matter how perceived, so it’s good to get them out there and admit them loudly to myself:

I cannot sleep without socks, ever, no matter what the weather is, in my own bed or camping on a hot beach… and if I do, I wake up with the strangest fucked up dreams…

I love having wet hair in warm weather … But i do not like the cold, weather cold nor AC cold.

I like popping my knuckles… I can visualize the release of the nitrogen and carbon dioxide from between the joints, I can visualize the pressure release and it somehow feels like part of the pressure in my got freed as well

I don’t give a damn if someone farts around me… it’s natural

I absolutely love peeing in the shower, love that feeling when the water is just the right temperature falling on top of me, combing my body, warming every cell that I just become at peace and I let go of every muscle … so freeing … ohh and I also enjoy taking showers and do love masterbating in the shower.

I do like sit-coms, I find them silly and relaxing

I talk very naturally about my period, I have grown proud of it and wonder why women hide having it or are sometimes hush hush about it… it is the reason why humanity exists, it is how the circle of life continues and should not ever be a hidden subject

I stopped giving a damn about how grumpy or happy or ridiculous I might look sometimes, everyone goes through ups and downs and mine are sometimes right there on my face or tone…

I don’t like to explain myself anymore… it’s exhausting

I have become acceptant of my body, … my scars and bumps and whatnot… because what I realized is that I honestly love being naked, so fuck’em

I love open spaces, nature, trees, animals and reptiles … but I am very afraid of bees, don’t know why, but they just freak me out, although I have never been stung before

I love PDA, don’t mind seeing it and would be very comfortable doing it…

I enjoy intellectual conversations

I like to learn new things and have general knowledge about everything…

I like drinking right out of the box, bottle or carton.., I know it is not hygienic, but if feels so good

I genuinely hate plastic waste, it hurts me to my guts every time I throw anything away or see plastic being used or thrown away… the image of seals and dolphins and whales filled and suffocating keeps popping in my head

I am defiantly not a people’s person… although I might be a people’s pleaser… I hate no one nor have grudges towards anyone, although there are certain people I would rather I would never to deal with… however, … I am what people call moody, but I always know why my mood changes and that is what matters

I am still afraid shitless of speaking in public…

I undoubtedly hate loosing stuff, can never rest until I have found what I am looking for and if something is moved from its place it drives me nuts… I also hate spilling stuff and breaking stuff… anything, valuable be it or not… and I grew up with ADD, so the effort I put constant concentration is Hell!

I also detest waves… sea-waves that is… nor rollercoasters for that matter

I only set my volume to increments of 5, it’s a bit OCD, but I am a bit OCD.

I hate drugs to my very core but I love tequila

Ohhh well there might be more, but that is enough for now 🙂

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