A Hot Gymnast…

Sitting outside my daughter’s gymnastics hall waiting for her to finish her three hour training is the most boring chore of my day… but when the light is just right one could see the kids training inside, which makes time pass a little faster and makes waiting there a tad more interesting.


Today, however, something different happened… a hot trainer just appeared out of the blue… now that is something super fun to watch I thought to myself. He was tall and fit and toned up, but not al all in the pumped up bullnecked way, no, in a gymnast type of way… tight butt, wide shoulders and small waist. He also had such a humble and firm attitude with the kids he was training.

My mind uncontrollably started wondering off to how he would be in bed, touching his naked sweaty body, his hands on my lower waist, slowly going down on me and then carrying me to move me on top of him as we fuck … and then it suddenly struck me… he’s in his 20s for goodness sake… he’s more than 10yrs younger… why on earth would he even look at me… when have the years gone that I became too old for hot guys… would I be considered a cougar or a milf!

Ironically at that age 10 or 15 years ago, no man has ever grabbed my attention, I never had that lustful eye for hot guys, maybe it was my confidence in the way and maybe I was too caught up in the stupid notion that looks do not mean much, mine nor theirs… even now, I seldom catch myself staring at someone with that much desire! I hear girls around me say… ohhh look at that hot ass, and in my head I would be… yeah well I don’t really care. What changed… possibly because I got badly turned on that morning and couldn’t do anything about it or perhaps I became older and more confident with my sexuality…

I kept watching him move around and explaining moves on the ring, with his upper body flexed so perfectly to show off his shoulder muscles… Ohhhh well

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