He lost our daughter at a fair the other day..

We had our yearly Christmas Bazaar at our high school; and it’s been a tradition to go to every year; a reunion and fun day with friends and kids and whatnot.

The day started like every other weekend; him sleeping and me waking up with the girls, washing them up, breakfast, feeding, running after each to choose what they want to wear… bla bla bla… After all three of us got ready, we woke him up. Of course, he takes his time and we were getting late. I had anticipated that so I got tickets before hand so we don’t have to stand in the tickets cue. After he got ready he was going to go down, get money from the ATM machine and when he has already ordered the Uber, we’d meet downstairs. He took our little one with him and around 10 min later they came back up. He was furious with her, before I could ask why he stated that her mouth stinks and is not brushed properly… well of course all that charade was for him to be able to grab his first doobie of the day…but he maid the poor three old feel like shit about herself. I didn’t say a word and just calmed her down, and helped her brush her teeth again… I didn’t want to ruin the day and what good does any of that do… I knew better!

Anyways… we got there and it started with a fight at the gate. I had also bought tickets for a friend and was looking for her to give to her… he raised his voice and went a tad cookoo that I am not moving at his pace and that he didn’t want to wait for me to even call her. Of course 10 minutes in we split ways, me with the kids and him to God knows where. I usually don’t have a problem with that except that it was super crowded and I could barely catch my breath from all the kids and saying hello to a million people at once…

Interestingly enough that also happened… My daughter wanted ice-cream, So we went to buy coupons and stood in the ice-cream cue. Little did i know, three other moms started giving their coupons to get ice-cream for their kids and there were two helpless boys from my daughters class trying to order as well… by the time it was almost my turn in the line I was buying ice cream for around 10 other kids other than my own… I look back and there she was; it took me a couple of minutes to realize who she was… his wife, she said hi with a smile and I smiled back… then she asked weather she needed coupons or can she pay with cash. I told he it was only coupons and she looked somehow disappointed, so I offered to buy her her ice-cream… she was delighted one strawberry and one chocolate she said… . She came buy after to take her order and gave me cash, £10 extra, i didn’t have any change on me, so I offered them back in coupons, she said NO it’s ok and walked away. I was holding 4 other orders so i was going to run after her… she refused again! Hell… it’s not ok… I fucked her husband and got tipped as well… and that was the most ironic part of the day.

Back to the lost kid… A while later I took the girls and to play with their friends and I sat with a few of mine in the garden… suddenly my dear old husband appears saying he’ll take the kids to say hi to his mom… an hour later he didn’t come back and wouldn’t answer his phone so I went looking for them… all their friends have been playing around me and I thought they would definitely enjoy this more, plus, he of course wouldn’t stand in any line to get them food and if he did, he wouldn’t really give a damn if they ate anything. But of course he was somewhere completely different, which took me a while to find him standing there chatting with someone… Where r the girls I asked… Around here somewhere, he said. I looked and looked going in circles and finally went back to him. He said they should be here and that he sent our 6 year old to look for her 4 year old sister in a crowd you could barely see between… that was a whole new level of irresponsible! Fortunately, I found my eldest and she was so terrified that she couldn’t find her sister… poor thing. I told a friend of mine to take her to her friends’ parents and kept looking for almost another hour. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. Finally, a friend of mine called and said she heard her being called for in the mic, which I did not hear at all and that the security at the front gate found her! Damn!!! I ran as fast I could to get her and the guy looked at me as though I was the most irresponsible parent ever! Me!!! I have never let them out of my sight and protect them with ever resource at my disposal and I’m the irresponsible one. He told me that he has tried calling her father, but he didn’t pick up.

After the weekend… I went to drop off my eldest at school and met the security guy again; he told me your husband is crazy… apparently he called him back and told him well that’s a good experience for the kid!

I cannot even get myself to talk him about it… next time I just wont leave them with him and that’s that, there is no use explaining responsibility to a parent! Absolutely useless!

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    1. Thank you for reading and it’s been a long time, u get sucked into the same cycle and attached or dependent upon the same toxic behaviour which makes it really hard to get out. But hopefully this blog helps find comfort and courage in leaving.


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