Help or Let be…

When you sit and watch people’s faces in any place in the world, you feel that all humans are equally pathetic and lost and weak… American’s, Europeans, Arabs, Africans or Chinese … Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Agnostic or Atheists … White, Black, Brown or Red …

Regardless of our race or religion or marital status, we are all faced with life’s stresses and pressures and fears of the future and the unknown fate with different degrees and forms. We are all facing life every day; we’re all dealing with different issues and contemplating crossroads and paths and choices, with a series of experiences one after the other, when at the end we’re all moving to a different realm sooner or later.

Whether you are job hunting, or afraid of being fired, or sick or depressed or on the verge of going into or out of a marriage… All human suffering is very much alike at least to the person suffering it and thus it is not worth opposing one another, whether through petty battles or bloody wars! Let us just either; help each other get through the days or let one another live in peace and to all their own troubles to survive.

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