Parenting Jealousy

I definitely spend more time with the kids than their father and by default I am the one who gives the most orders and says the most Nos. I am also the most tired the majority of the time to do the fun happy-go-lucky entertainment, in which I tend to also include parenting, and drowned by the must and should dos throughout the day… that I don’t get to be that.

But it is totally understandable, that the parent who is not always there gets more attention when he/she is around… gets the excitement of greetings… gets the hugs and whatnot and the kids asking where he/she is when they aren’t there. I do get it… rationally that is… but yesterday he spent the evening with the girls and the not being the fun parent annoyed the hell out of me…

I was out with them all day, training, play area, play dates, running around like crazy and still had to go home to bathing and changing and cooking and feeding… and I was as usual exhausted.  I took the opportunity that he was home and after they were well and clean and in their Pjs I left them their food on the table and asked him to make sure that they eat and then brush their teeth, while I washed up… wishful thinking that is…

He on the other hand was home all resting all day or maybe working from home I never know… He started playing fun games and jumping and goofing with them around the house, which is defiantly exciting for them and good bonding time as well and the girls were elated… but naturally I had to still be the mean one, going in every once in a while to make sure that they actually finished their food and brushed their teeth and are still on schedule, which he could not care less about… of course not much of that was done because of all the playing and distractions, but as soon as I got in he told them to listen to me and they both looked at me that look and shake of the head of why is she so serious all the timeand they actually listened to him right away.

I got so jealous! It was on the tip of my tongue to tell them if he’s so much more fun and you listen to him more than I, I will just leave… then I listened to the voice of reason in my head and just retained myself… I told the girls to ask him to read them the bed-time story for a change; he obviously having the energy for it…

I know that I am still their go to person and that they know that… and still wanted me to be the one to put them to bed because he hates it, their words not mine… but still… jealous I defiantly was!

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