In his Car

We bumped into each other at a coffee place in the morning and we chatted for like an hour and then he said that he had to go… and although I was really tired just a minute before and all I could think of is a bed, but I’m stuck at the other side of town waiting for pick-up time, I got turned on the minute he left.

I don’t know if it is because I might really like him and that thinking of him and being around him makes me feel happy and warm and at home, a feeling I haven’t felt with anyone in long time and I didn’t want him to leave… or is it that I didn’t want to stay alone… or it is because all the fantasies we talked about, from swinging to threesomes to bi-sexuality… or that I liked and wanted to turn him on as well… well most possibly all the above…

Anyways we texted a little after he left and I started teasing him about making him cum in the car and I do like teasing him enough to turn him on; it’s fun and flattering somehow… but then it turned from teasing to real, he was still in the car right out there…

I do not know which of us tempted the other more and I somehow felt a bit shy and embarrassed actually going for it, but I did… I got into his car, confused between the fact of fuck I’m really going to do this… and damn I really want to, just this an innate feeling that I wanted to pleasure him… I wanted him to want me to…

He had his belt unbuckled already and I could feel him turned on… he started driving and I was still thinking; am I really going to do this?!… I started touching him and he put his hands on my thigh and between my legs, my back just arched and I felt wet. The roads began to get a bit empty bit by bit and we turned on a highway i think… without one further thought I leaned in and put his dick in my mouth and I didn’t stop… it kept getting harder as my tongue twirled around it and I kept going until I tasted his pre-cum and unintentionally I smiled… he gently slid his hand inside my pants from behind… i felt myself getting wetter and as his fingers touched the tip of my clit i was about to explode. I held his hard penis between my palms sliding it between my hand while sucking on the tip and I could hear him moan, and felt him begging for more… wanting to cum… I wanted to beg for more. It all felt arousing and comfortable and thrilling… and pleasing him felt sensational. He warned me he was cuming, but I didn’t get off him, I wanted him to cum, I wanted to taste him. He orgasmed while I was still going up and down on him and I could feel his cum filling up in the back of my throat and I swallowed it clean… Never thought that giving him a blowjob would turn me on more…

I looked at him and felt happy… and he defiantly looked content… an exhilarating feeling of being still desired and able to satisfy.

But then reality hit, we are both fucking married… still! What if someone saw us? What if we got caught? What the hell, I just gave him a blowjob in the car… should I feel guilty about that? Does he?

Well… Fuck it… we didn’t get caught and that was hot. Had we both been single we would probably being doing a lot of that…

I have never wanted to do that with anyone else… I have never done that with anyone… a blowjob without anything in return, in the middle of the city,… and it was fucking hot…

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