He lives on a cloud of recklessness…

As I was skimming through my emails one morning before getting out of bed, I found tickets booked for a trip to Germany for all four of us, him, the kids and myself. We had talked about it very very briefly about a month ago… about the possibility of traveling and when the kids have their winter holidays; and when I say briefly, it was a two minute conversation as he was walking out the door.

I jumped out of bed extremely pissed… isn’t that something we should have at least agreed upon, and done together? His explanation was that it’s for the kids and he cannot handle them without me and that’s why we’re going… he called me selfish and that I should be thinking about the overall welfare about the family, not just myself… I gave up then, rationalising anything with him is insane!

The last time we went to visit his family in Germany it was quite an unpleasant experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, other than his mother, his family actually are pretty cool and we get along fine, it’s him that drove me insane and he gets even more aggressive the more in his comfort zone.

Anyways, this was his first time ever to book tickets since we got married and hopefully his last, because I highly doubt he paid any attention to the dates he booked or the timings or the routs or the fact that we are traveling with little people! For some reason I didn’t recheck the tickets, thinking… how hard is it to book? I really should have rechecked.

The kids have a two week holiday from the 21st of December to the 7th of January, so my brilliant husband booked from the 22nd to the 7th, where we actually return on the 8th!! So good bye first day of school or any buffer day for either the kids or myself to rest. Our eldest has a championship end of January, so she’d miss a whole lot of training… but anyhow…

He also booked a flight then a train, where we would have to travel in the middle of the night with a 4 and 6 year old, where they would barely get any sleep except sometime in the am for a couple of hrs on the plane, if any, reach the arrival airport and then rush with the girls and suitcases to catch a train. The return ticket is even longer and more complicated!

I started packing a day before for the girls, and tried to give him some responsibility of helping out with the kids’ packing, where I have intentionally not packed any underwear or shoes for them, for him to contribute in anything! He took a brief look and the bag and said it looks fine.

As I was packing for myself, I looked everywhere for my favourite suitcase, one that he had borrowed a while ago, I asked him and he said oh I think it’s lost! Lost?!? Not just that it turned out he lost another one as well… somewhere he said…

Explain to me please how can anyone loose a suitcase and not know where they lost it or how? I gave up on him losing his keys or forgetting his wallet or have money stollen or leaving cupboard doors open or borrowing my sunglasses and brining them back with a scratch, but a travel suitcase! I don’t get it!

And for goodness sake, I don’t want to hear it’s the drugs, it’s a SUITCASE! How on earth does he get any work done is beyond me. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

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