He Screamed at my Baby…

One dinner night in Germany during the terrifying Germany trip we were at his uncle’s. While we were all sitting on the dining table, after a fee hours of waiting for everyone so we would eat, our 4 year old was acting out and didn’t want to eat. She was tried and cranky and barely ate anything worth while since breakfast, but fill up on chocolate and gummy bears, which he gave her despite my disapproval. I tried explaining to him that they needed to eat earlier, that because none of them have kids, we should not have our own schedule that differs from them to accommodate our little ones.

Anyways, he decided to take control of the situation acting all authoritative maybe showing off or something and began to try to force feed her, and after she said no a few times and I don’t know if it was too hot for her or that she was being stubborn, but either way, he did not even ask her why she didn’t want to eat, nor give it a smart guess, he just shoved it in her mouth, so she spat it out. He yelled at her so hard in front of everyone, a screaming which kept everyone speechless. The poor baby panicked for a minute and erupted in a scream followed by a heartbreaking cry, to an extent that even broke her sister’s heart and she started crying as well. No one interfered, it was like they were all scared of him, or maybe for them this was normal i don’t know. I tried to defend her; he aggressively shut me up, saying she has to start learning table manners sometime. She wouldn’t stop crying which made his uncle very angry and then he thought he would take control the situation even better, he stood up and said if you don’t stop we will all leave… I don’t know if he was trying to be serious or playful, but either way he sounded really scary, which made her cry even louder.

After a bit I took both of them in my arms and thought to myself this whole family is sick. His brother, who has no kids of his own, after we got up told me, perhaps trying to defend him, she lacks discipline. Fuck you is all I wanted to tell him actually to all of them.

I stayed silent the remainder of the evening, only a few days left I thought to myself… and he, no matter what, needs to get the fuck away from these girls before he destroys them completely… need their father my ass!!

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