Taking Turns…

It was both of our daughters’ school orientation and I was dreading the fact that I’d see him there. His wife was out of town, which meant he would come alone and I was going alone anyways… but as wired as I thought it would be and how many people I knew that were going to be there, seeing him in my own high school still felt hot. I defiantly fantasized about hooking up in one of the age-old spots.

It was on an early weekend morning… I got in and didn’t see him anywhere inside the hall and I really wanted to, but for some reason my mind drew a blank on what to text him. However, during the assembly break and as I was talking to a friend I saw him standing there and for the life of me I have no idea what the girl was saying after I saw him. I went up to say hello and ended up giving him a quick tour of the school. After that we went out for a smoke and he offered me a ride home.

This was already looking like one happy morning… It was really cold, but inside the car it was warm and familiar and I had genuinely didn’t expect much although I wanted and day-dreamt a lot about it ever since that day…

He took a bit of a detour and we chatted a little and it was odd yet nice him being in my side of town. The streets were almost empty and it would have been the shortest ride ever, but he decided to cruise around a bit.

As I took off my jacket to put it beside me, I thought… was I giving him a sign to do something. A few minutes later he started running his hands up and down my thighs and I felt tingle and warmth between my legs. I looked at him as he was driving, could he really manage that driving? It’s been sooo long since I came in a car and should I even let him do this! I don’t think the thought was complete before his hands found their way up my skirt… It took a bit of a struggle to reach me from on top my thick stockings and I didn’t want to lead him, not wanting to seem that horny I suppose. But by the time he found his way inside me, I was already wet and inflamed and really wanted to kiss him.

I felt his fingers inside of me and I let go and started to spread my legs … he played and moved around knowing where to touch and when to let go… he knew me. I felt myself swell between his fingertips… I probably let out more moans that I would like to admit. The more I looked up and saw the streets the hornier I became… I didn’t want him to stop and he didn’t… he slowed the car for that missing kissed. I could have devoured him right then and there hadn’t we been where we were. I wanted to strip naked right then… to strip him naked. I haven’t done that in a car in such a long time, being so turned on in a car, being so horny that I moaned without control in the open… I was on the verge of explosion more than a few times. Towards the end I even caught a glance of myself in the side view mirror and had to stop him somehow… but my back arched and toes curled and my whole body screamed this will end in more than just a car ride if we dont stop now I thought… I could go on forever and I so wanted to.

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