Flirting is Empowering…

For the first time ever…  I flirted my way into getting something done. Two days ago, I flirted my way into renewing my driver’s license, and if you have ever lived in a third world country you would know that bureaucracy and bribes are the heart of getting any paper done, let alone renewing a 10 year old expired and lost license. But just like that, with no help, with no cues, with no bribes nor tips… I was done.

According to Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired For Love: How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain, flirting “is part of social emotional intelligence, just like lying is. It’s an important skill to have for friendliness, for being attractive in the world.”… and for some reason I have it…

I know how and when and what to do with my body language, tone of voice, breath, laugh, the mood and the confidence…etc., where basically the aim is to very consciously give the other person slight power over you and taraa… The only trick though is to create a certain boundary in a very subtle way, so the subject does not feel he/she can over cross their limit and start feeling more at ease than they should.

From the minute I stepped foot into the DMV, I knew exactly whom to talk and how… both men and women, ugly, pretty, young and old… one guy was actually a bit hot and he responded like a sugar-deprived kid to candy and helped me finish everything required… and it felt so liberating… it felt extremely freeing and emancipating that I could do that and not be judged for it and get away with it. It is probably one the few perks of being a women in a third world country and I finally used it.

Unfortunately it is a skill I was raised and grew to be ashamed of and I forever have restrained myself from using it or give out that vibe, not only that I, in fact had my guards from being filtered with as well, as much as I can obviously! I was made to believe that there is sort of shame and guilt that comes along with it and some kind of dishonor in using my femininity this way.

But if felt so fucking empowering being in such control; having someone wrapped around my finger like that… and it comes so damn easy. In deed, the power of seduction is an extremely fun skill to use…

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  1. The power of a woman is indeed very amazing. My mother used her looks and seduction to her advantage for over twenty years. Men went broke because of her. They would shovel money in her direction, hand over fist. Then she moved on to telling these men she or I had cancer – then the flood works at the drop of a hat, and their checkbooks appeared out of thin air.

    I am so petrified of becoming my mother, that I won’t even look at other people for fear that some part of her will show through me, and I will therefore be just like her.

    I got pulled over late last year, and immediately told the cop that I knew I was speeding and to give me a ticket.

    I imagine I could get away with a lot if I turned on the charm – but she is locked away tight. My mother has ruined me. lol

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    1. Oh my.. u dont have to go all the way to emptying men’s pockets but a little bit of fun wont harm anyone… use ur charm but don’t abuse it i guess is the limit


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