Belief System… No right or wrong

I never shared my belief system with anyone… mainly because I consider it very personal and to each their own and partly because I could never articulate it…

But one thing I know for absolute certainty that every truth about spirituality is refutable, where no one will ever know for certain whether what they believe in is true or false as long as they are alive, so people should, please, stop trying to prove that one thing is more true than the other and it is pretty arrogant to assume that you are right!

Lately, however, my kids have been faced with the topic of god through their friends and I find myself in situations where I should be explaining what I think… my six year old asked me the most sophisticated or basic question out there in her own words “How did god start?”… I have decided a while ago that whenever they ask about belief or religion, I answer back with “what do you think” and the answers amaze me. Her reply to her question was “there were a lot of gods and then they all disappeared and only one was left and that is our god” … the four year old, on the other hand told me with a very firm and serious tone “I am going to be a god when I grow up, mummy… you said I can be anything I want and I am going to be a god”, her sister went on to explain to her that “god is everything, not someone”…

11037307_884135364992360_6947671343833131816_nSo what do I truly believe in… I don’t know how to explain it, but I know that I don’t believe in the conformity of religion, where most of the teachings came from political and social agendas and some tales to address a certain moral. I don’t believe in the idea of heaven or hell or that this life is a test of pass or fail of some sort, maybe it was built as a metaphor for something… , but fire seriously! I defiantly do not believe in the differentiation of the sexes that exists in confirmative religions, which again is a complete misogynistic political or social prejudice…

But I have lots of maybes…

Maybe there is a higher power watching over each and every individual and answers their prayers, sometimes in a funny way… maybe a creator who decided to create a life of suffering only choose to shelter some of such and I, supposedly, should be grateful that I was shielded from all the other sufferings that exist in the world… but why create suffering, why create all the horrors in life, from massacres to typhoons… maybe our souls exist to accumulate experiences to be used for some bigger scheme at some point in the infinite time… maybe there are people more spiritual than others and those people have a stronger connection with this power that created life… maybe there are indeed words of god and if so they are defiantly meant for guidance and tales of religious mythologies not as true stories.

I do, however, believe that there is wholeness in the world and that our souls are meant for something bigger and perhaps this wholeness is the higher power that sources life, in which case asking the question of “how it started?” is like asking how does the colour pink smell like… ridiculous, and it will remain something unexplainable… I believe in spirituality, and that out of prayers, no matter how you wish to define it, creates positive energy…

I also believe that there is good and evil in all of us and that we should only feed or try to show the good… that everyone should have an evolving value system; as a guideline for their own behaviors and choices that gives a person structure and purpose,… also that societies by default should imposes a general humanitarian value system of not harming others and to better the world we live in. I also believe that karma, if it doesn’t exist, it really should, because harming another soul is just plain wrong and it should come back to bite you in the ass, but it sometimes not that obvious nor ways that we would understand nor appreciate sometimes….

I do still say things like thank god… I swear to god… have faith in fate… for god’s sakefor heaven’s sake… but only because it is a social thing and it makes people feel at ease, not because I believe in what it means. However, there is this prayer I learnt to say as a kid for when I loose something; and still works every time … not once has it failed me… including loosing a ring on the beach and my bracelet on the street. Power of positive thinking maybe, or a God created miracle… I do not know how or why, but to my ever astonishment it does work.

I do believe that I will live my life questioning everything and I am ok with that and that I do not like being labeled as anything when it comes to belief!

But in general I want my kids to understand that they should always be free to believe in what their gut tells them is true and if they cannot explain it, they shouldn’t have to…

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  1. I think it’s a great that you are allowing your children to deep-think about what it is they believe on their own. I had Southern Baptist Religion shoved down my throat at an early age – and believe me, the people I sat in church with were the most judgmental, gossip mongers I have ever met.

    As an adult I have decided that I am a Theist. I don’t believe in one religion – I believe in different aspects of them all. I have a hard time believing that an all-loving God would punish certain groups of people because they were raised and told that “xx” religion is the ONLY religion that will get you into Heaven.

    Be a good person. Do good things out of the kindness of your heart. Believe that we are here for a bigger purpose than to just exist – and we will all be okay.

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