Flashing the Delivery Guy…

Growing up and living in a third world country, I hated the fact that I would not be able to ever walk down the street without someone making some kind of sexual advances towards me, either looks or filthy innuendos. I have been harassed, hit on, groped, and given that I am going to fuck you look so many more time that I could count; people on the street, workers, handymen, delivery guys, bystanders… you name it. It was ever so annoying and ever so frustrating to feel so approachable from grubby strangers. And most of the time it wasn’t even my body that got them going; something about my face gave them the impression that I am accessible… Once, when I was like 15, this handyman kept talking to me about how he turns women on and I was so shocked and scared and shy, I couldn’t even stop him. What gave them such audacity without any shame! They made me feel so cheap and weak and pathetic and subjugated. Only when I got a face piercing around 10 years ago that it I somehow become more alarming I think; more unapproachable.

But when it came to people who actually liked me, I seamed intimidating for some reason. After years of school and university I am now told that; You know who found you very attractive, or I had a crush on you years ago, or you were so damn popular… I was not! I was so shy and embarrassed with the lowest self esteem ever. Why has no one ever told me that then… it is seriously beyond me, it might have given me a self-confidence boost or something. Well, things is starting to change lately…

But anyways that is not where I am going with this…

I was on the phone with my (friend with feelings person). We were flirting and texting and horny, and he suggested a perfect and hot scenario… of course that was not his intention behind the idea, he wanted to watch, but still, I would be killing two birds with one stone. I did want to turn him on, and was somewhat hesitant, but I also liked the thrill and the gaining back of power from those fuckers.

I was home alone for the night. I showered and put on one of my husband’s white shirts; unbuttoned and wearing nothing underneath … I made a late night food delivery order… I made sure I would be safe, had my 10 year old dog right next to me just in case… set up the video… the door rang… and I just went for it…

Sexually Dominant Women and the Men who Desire Them, Part I

I opened and acted completely nonchalant… the guy was just innocently giving me the order, but suddenly he realised that what he saw was real… he could see my cleavage, my bare boobs, everything. Instead of the usual, trying to undress me with his eyes, look that scares me, I was actually undressed. His face changed; glowed and involuntarily smiled… I took my time in taking the order and in giving him the money. He couldn’t count the change and kept giving back and recalculating the money, he lost his words, his sense of reality. He tried so hard not to look but couldn’t keep his eyes off…

The strange thing is, that I didn’t think that it would affect me as well… But for some reason, it felt empowering that this was probably one of the best things to happen to him and he could not say or do a thing about it, but also exposing myself like that and him getting shocked and so obviously turned on felt exhilarating and arousing… in addition to of course that someone else is watching made it even the more hot… I wasn’t turned on by him of course, the guy was not a looker, but from the power trip it gave me;  I was in control of the moment. I had the upper-hand. I was somehow sexually dominant. I was driving two men crazy with desire. I was turning both of them on and in control of both of them.

Sexually Dominant Women and the Men who Desire Them, Part II

I do not know how to explain why such an obviously masochistic act of submission, can make me feel so dominant. Maybe the shift in power… or feeding some unknown childhood trauma… maybe facing my fears… but I liked it.

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  1. That’s hot to visualize! Though I have to say, as someone that delivers food as a side job, having a man answer the door in much the same manner is someone of a PTSD for me, as I have been in situations where nudity from men was surprising and I was never asked of it was something I wanted to be apart of. I think that’s where the double standard kicks in …. and so I say – be very careful.

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    1. I can imagine if the roles were reversed things would be v different… But I have to say, if I had a women answer the door naked I might actually enjoy that sight as well 🙂 .. don’t worry I really am careful xx

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