I got involved and almost lost my arm in the process…

I got a phone call from my mother around 4 am crying that something might be happening to my sister… I thought she was tripping, but 10 minutes later she was at my doorstep. She explained that my sister’s deadbeat husband called her yelling to come take her daughter from there and threatening to divorce her and kill her . I tried calling him to understand what the fuck was going on, after like 5 unanswered calls, he picked up yelling at me that he will divorce her and that I should come pick her up. I could hear her crying and screaming at him to give her the phone, but he just hung up and switched the phones off. I told my mother to call a daughter of a friend of hers who lives in the same building to see what’s going on before we escalate the matter.

The family friend went down… and according to her: they were locked in their bedroom, where he had the keys but is not letting her out nor anyone in. She tried to convince him with all calmness necessary to open the door… to solve the matter decently… to let her out… After half an hour of persuasions with no avail and hearing my sister’s cries from inside the room, she called my mom to call the police, because he was starting to get aggressive with her and she didn’t know what else to do. I told my mother no need for that yet; calling the police will be an embarrassment for all and until that moment, we still don’t understand what is going on and why. My mother begged me to go and save her…

On my way I was thinking: What the fuck am I doing? Save her from what, this is her choice, this is her doingWhy am I not calling anyone to come withme, but who would I call that would not judge her or us? What if she is ok with him like that and does not want to leave? How on earth is she living with such an asshole in such an environment? How could she disgrace herself and us to that extent and stoop so low? Before I got a chance to figure out what the hell I was doing or even have a plan, I was already parking…

As the building porter was opining the door for me he said you will know where it is from the screaming. Well I might have forgotten to mention that since she got married she has been staying at her in-laws, because well, her brilliant hubby does not have a job, nor a degree to get a job, nor money saved up from any job, he is just a lazy bum… anyways… we have cut her out of our lives since she decided to disregard all reason and all decency and marry who she did the way she did.

I have never been to her place before, they lived on the first floor and indeed the screaming was noticeable from the entrance and through their very thick wooden door. I rang the doorbell and his father wearing a white undershirt and pj pants opened up.

As soon as stepped foot inside, his mother welcomed me with a mouth full of insults that I have never heard from anyone my entire life, let alone from an old lady whom I have only met briefly once before… along with what felt like a billion swear words, she was telling me finally someone from her side showed upand where have you guys been for the past 8 moths since we have taken this low life in… that she doesn’t want her in her home, nor in her son’s life… that we (her family) left her as a burden on her and her son without money and even took away her car… that these fights have been going on since the day she entered their home… that everyday he she lets him get drunk and they fight like crazy. Fuck, I have never been in such an embarrassing situation before where people looked at me as if I am an indecent person. I am a well-respected person, who comes from a very decent family. My parents have never in their life ever fought out loud. For goodness sake, she was herself was a decent calm well-respected girl. How could any body I know accept to be living with such filth… let alone my own sister, whose parents have never sworn at her, not hit her, nor even ever punished her… maybe that is the problem… she was never punished! Always forgiven for anything and everything she does.

All what came out of me was sorry we didn’t know they had problems and please stop talking so I could talk to my sister. Apparently this aggravated her more and even more vulgarity came out of her…

I tried to ignore her and begged him to open the door until I started shouting at him to open the door… nothing worked until I found myself threatening him that if he doesn’t open up I will break it open… as if he was calling my bluff, yeah go ahead do whatever the fuck u want toand my sister from inside the room screaming for him to open up and as she was trying to take the keys from him I saw him pushing her head against the wall. I don’t know if it was instinct or anger or the fact that it was 4 am and I haven’t shut an eye yet… I grabbed a glass ashtray that was on the table next to the door and smashed the glass open.

His mother was still screaming at me from behind me…! I looked at her saying, why are u insulting me in your home, I am just coming to take my sister… but she wouldn’t stop, she started calling me and my family names…

I tried to disregard her yet again and I reached my arm in between the broken glass to grab the keys to grab the keys from his hands, telling him how dare he call my mother this late. He spat on me, I have never been spat on before, who does that!!  and pushed my arm out… next thing I know our family friend screaming, blood… I looked at my arm and realised that there is an endless stream of blood out of my upper arm and I have 3cm whole showing my veins and bone. I begged him and his parents to call an ambulance… no one cared and his mother told me I deserve it and me and my sister should go to hell. Although the adrenaline was so high, that I could not feel any pain… I genuinely thought I was either going to die from blood loss or loose my arm, my hands were turning blue and still no one did anything, except the family friend who apparently ran out to the neighbours for help.

Fortunately I found an thin T-shirt on a chair and tried to tie my arm with it to stop the bleeding, when I couldn’t d it myself and there was no hope in them calling an ambulance or helping me tie my arm, I ran hysterically out the door and made her tie the T-shirt around my upper arm, ran in again and grabbed the car keys and my phone and told her to drive me to a hospital.

By the time I got to the hospital I had lost 3L of blood, that covered all my clothes and the front seats of my car and my hand was completely numb and blue with fortunately just a little pulse in it that reassured them that the main artery has not been severed. After a two and half hour operation to reattach the nerve, the muscles and some veins, I was put in a cast in order not to move the arm. Now almost two weeks later I am finally allowed to start using my hands to type.


What happened with my sister is a whole other story…

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  1. I cannot believe all that has happened. And his parents are a clear indication of why he is the way he is. Useless garbage. I’m just really trying to understand why you didn’t let the police go in there and handle that mess.

    And in my head, I’m thinking ….. I bet your sister went back to this loser. Because that’s what they always do. I hope I’m wrong.

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