Women like to Hunt and Chase too…

I went out with an old work colleague for drinks… We usually catch up every now and then over the phone or texting; recommend books, interesting video talks and articles, talk about life, but we decided to meet up, something I don’t usually do, go out with a guy for drinks, and I have never done with him…

We decided to meet at some low-key bar across town he recommended, somewhere probably no one I know will be, given that I’m still sorta married and all. I got there a bit late and he was already sitting there.

He’s the kind of guy who would impress… fascinatingly smart and well-read, educated and well built, so I didn’t think that he’s the kind that could impress, specially that I have been feeling brain-dead lately. He’s also very decent and not the flirty type, at least not with me and I wasn’t really attracted to him.

It started so innocent and I had no ill intentions planned…

The talk was remarkable; it was very informative and stimulating and the whisky was great (an 18 year old single malt Chivas Regal).  We talked about work and life, but around mid-way through the outing or date or whatever that was, I decided to slightly flirt just to see how he’d run with it and most importantly to see if I could get him if I wanted to; not by my looks nor by physically turning him on, but just by subtly mentally stimulating and enticing him… and it was amazing to find out how easily I still had it in me to charm a guy with his kind of wit.

Between my still existing husband and the man I’m finding myself falling for, it should have been enough… hmm… I was wrong, there’s always time and space for a nice hunt. I guess I’m still craving attention and compliments and yes some games.

I told him that I always had a dream of doing my PhD in Harvard and he said that he always thought that I was one of the smartest people he met, which to say the truth boosted my ego a little, and that I should defiantly go for it. We started talking about the Harvard library and books and studying again and I made it show on my face how turning-on all this is for me… and after a few personal questions, the conversation spun to how he got laid in the Harvard Widener as part of the “Big Three” when graduating.

From then on, topics kept alternating from politics and history and philosophical theories and god and love to issues about men and women and sexualities… and within the conversations, I just knew how to feed him what he needed in order to lure him… and it was so fucking fun to see him lured in. I knew what words and topics turned him on and what body gestures made him drool…  He wanted me… and I just loved it. I loved the control I had over him, over a man with his background and IV league education and success… I don’t know how or why, but I know men… I could always read them and now it’s just fun to use all this knowledge and play them…

I kept testing my magic and every time I could sense him getting more attracted; walking away to the washroom and feeling him eyeing me till I got in, standing up on the high stool to grab something from across the bar and his eyes feeling-up my ass, biting my lips or asking about his fantasies or sexual adventures… I didn’t even need to open up for me to break through to him…

It was getting late and as he walked me to my Uber, I wanted to leave him wanting more… so as my ride was stopping, I stood inistockphoto-185272780-612x612 front of him, hands behind my back, stepped up on me tiptoes and gave him a tiny smack on his lips and walked away…

I left him smiling like a little kid who was kissed by the hot girl at school… I left him in hunger to finish that kiss… and we did.

Next time we met, it was easier and our friendship jumped to being a two-way flirting interaction and we both liked it.

I wasn’t still that attracted to him, but my game wasn’t over yet… This time he got his car and insisted on driving me home… I understood what he was fishing for and I just wanted to leave him even hungrier than before. On the way, he parked the car we made out a few times… and just knew how to kiss him so that he would crave for more… for me… By the time we reached my place, he had this desperate yearning look on his face that turned me a bit off, but satisfied me… and I was done.

He still texts and wants to meet up… tempting me in every way, but even if I see him again… the game is now too easy and I don’t really care to play anymore…

5 thoughts on “Women like to Hunt and Chase too…

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  1. I really enjoy reading your prices.. they are so cliche breaking stories or experiences about a woman who has control of her sexuality and her desires and doesn’t feel guilty about it.. awesome😊

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  2. These men are so easily manipulated and woven into what we need them to be. It’s almost too easy sometimes. They do say it’s easier for women to get laid than it is for men, and I find that to be very true. They need to up their game just a little. Keep it interesting.

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