Missing You Tonight

I miss you… and it’s fucked-up I know,
‘cause you’re not mine to miss or want or crave… but I do!

I miss your scent, your touch and your smile..
I miss giving myself to you… and feel it melting
I miss staring in your eyes without distress…
I miss flirting and laughing and … the silence

Do you yearn for me too…?

Do you get excited when I pass you on the street…
or have you assumed my ever existence and have given up the hunt?

Do you sense my kiss when I think of your lips on mine?
Do you feel my skin underneath your fingertips as I imagine them running through my hair and sliding down my spine?

I miss you seducing me to a wetness never felt before…
I miss my heart pulsing your moans and beating your breath as we vibrate to our very core.

I crave for you yet again being my high…
my thrill of passion that takes over my senses till everything felt will be you and I

I want to take you, own you… until every cell inside of you screams of release.
I want to bare my soul, body and mind… and hand it to you piece by piece.

But as I lay in my bed missing you tonight, wet from yearn and desire…
I only wish to meet you in my dreams, smell you and taste you as you devour my loins of fire!

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