Dear Husband

I have been in tears all morning, thinking of what you think of me and what you made me think of myself. That i am a mindless, philosophy-less, immature shame of a wife. That i will and never accomplish anything because i have no focus. That i will never be appreciated nor respected by you.... Continue Reading →


Why should life be a cycle of obscure and vauge symbolism. Why cant it be just clear and easy. Everyone understood and the consiousness and subconsciousness are one. No sensitivities!

Her Cat

My Mother-in-Law's 17 yearr old cat died today. I had close to no encounter with him. He was my husband's family pet that hid underneath the bed all the time. Scratched my daughter once when she went with husband to visit and probably because my 3 year old provoked him by insisting to play. He... Continue Reading →

What am I doing?

Dear Husband, I write you here the things I am denied to tell u in person, the words that when I utter I am berated and belittled. I am constantly asked shut-up or threatened to be called names or beaten. This will be my venting world that I am disallowed in reality.¬†You say I am... Continue Reading →

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