Stay or Leave a Cold Marriage?

Would you rather stay in a marriage for the sake of your children, a marriage where you lack intimacy and passion and where you do not get to show your kids what a healthy loving relationship looks like and maybe expand you family for the better interest of your child or would you rather leave... Continue Reading →

My first sign of being abusable

I was sexually assaulted... ... ... I was 9 or 10 years old and he was first year of Med School, (that’s equivalent to premed, but he was only 17 at the time). We were at the pool at the Club, and I was this shy girl, putting up a poker face of I’m not... Continue Reading →

Eliminating destruction

Even though in my head and with all rational I should believe he is wrong… that his words should not get to me... BUT THEY DO... I became what he perceived me to be... It started by first trying to convince him of how wrong he is.. but he called that delusions of myself.. By... Continue Reading →

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